Welcome to Mukta Collective, where the cornerstone of empowerment for Telangana women lies in intellectual exchange. We champion research, literature, art, nature, rural studies, and women and Adivasi studies. Mukta Theatre and Painters Guild showcase and support local talent, while our Monthly Lecture Luncheons bring together scholars, poets, and writers. Our Resource Centre in Santoshnagar, Hyderabad, serves as a dynamic platform, housing a well-equipped library, Discussion Room, and Performance Room. Join us in fostering creativity, recognition of talent, and the elevation of Telangana women’s self-esteem through the diverse realms of art, literature, and humanities.

Mukta – Telangana Women’s Collective with the support of Language and Culture Department, Government of Telangana is planning a 3-day Art Camp for women titled “Colours of Statehood: Contours of Women Experiences” at Paigah Tombs in Santoshnagar, Hyderabad.

This program’s objective is to provide a platform to women painters from across Telangana to share their ‘Telangana experience and showcase their skill. It is also meant to be an avenue for other women to develop an interest in art and painting.

This event is the second in a series of events being conducted by Mukta. A Coffee Table book on the event covering the artists and their work will be released at a later date. More than 15 women painters, ranging from senior artists to upcoming artists will be participating.

Mukta was formed five years ago by a diverse group of Telangana women. This platform was necessitated by the fact that Telangana women found absolutely nowhere to interact with fellows or to give expression to their feelings or to sharpen their intellects against. In short, what was needed was a platform to speak freely and loudly.

Mukta – A Telangana Women’s Collective took root against this socio historical context as a Collective for Culture Studies. The foremost objective of this Collective is to provide Telangana women from all corners of the world with an arena for interaction. This objective is driven by the firm belief that these interactions are the starting point for intellectual exchange.

Mukta Collective’s Resource Centre is located at Santoshnagar, Hyderabad and serves as a hub for Intellectual Exchange with a well-equipped library, a Discussion Room and a Performance Room.

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