About us

Mukta believes that ‘Intellectual Exchange’ is the cornerstone for empowerment for Telangana Women.

In line with this belief, Mukta supports research, publications and creative endeavours in the areas of Literature, Art, Nature, Rural Studies, Women and Adivasi studies. The Mukta Theatre promotes expression in the areas mentioned and the Mukta Painters Guild promotes Women Artists from Telangana.

A regular feature of Mukta is the Monthly Lecture Luncheon with well-known scholars, poets and writers from across the country. These luncheons assume the form of lectures, discussions, poetry recitals or discussions on film studies to name a few.

Mukta also is committed to recognizing and rewarding talent to bring it closer to realization. In keeping with this conviction, Mukta felicitates local talent in the name of eminent Telangana women. The Mahalakha Bai Chanda Puraskar was awarded in 2010 to the late Sri Vittal Rao Shivpurkarji, famous Ghazal singer and the last Court Singer of the Nizam’s Court.

A physical space is a must for bringing these diverse pursuits and passions onto one plane and Mukta Collective’s Resource Centre located at Santoshnagar, Hyderabad serves as the platform. This space is where art and literature, humanities and humane experiences, life and drama complement each other in order to ascribe an identity to the Telangana woman’s self-esteem. The Centre also supplements the pursuit of Intellectual exchange with a well-equipped library, a Discussion Room and a Performance Room.


The Mukta Team:

Vimala K
Kranti C
KiranKumari P
Vasundhara R
Ramadevi N
Sridevi P
Sweta P
Shehnaz F
Ameela R
Ashapoorna K