Painter Guild

History is replete with the artistry of women especially in visual art forms. Telangana is no exception. The Mukta Painters Guild was born for these Women Painters from Telangana to facilitate a shared growth platform marked by a pursuit of excellence and self-actualization.

Telangana Women artists have made their presence felt since the 1920s. They are visible throughout Art history if only one knows where to look. The Mukta Painters Guild is working to unravel these artists and shine the spotlight on their presence and contribution. The Guild has been working in the areas of art, culture, history and also the present to seek out women artists and give wings to their artistic expression.

Suvarna Bhargavi Sathe’s creative genius reveals itself in her artwork. She has put in more than 30 years as an Artist, Cartoonist and Graphic Artist. She has a unique style to her credit which revolves around pressed paper. As an Art Instructor, she has held several significant positions at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nisiet, Army Public School and is now working in Ex – In Institute as Guest Faculty for Jewelry Design and Fashion Designing. She has several awards to her credit from both Government and Private entities and has also participated in numerous Art events and received recognition for the same.

Rama Devi Godugulu trained at the S N school, University of Hyderabad and at JNTU, Hyderabad. She has exhibited at several Solo shows and Group shows in Hyderabad and Delhi. Rama Devi’s work has received several recognitions. Her paintings have been selected for Contemporary Women Artists of India 2005 and she has since received several Awards at various prestigious events. While she comes from a traditional painting background, she is keen on making a mark for herself as a modernistic painter who imbibes the sensibilities of traditional art.

Amila Reddy Nalla is a free styled Artist whose Personal collections are spread over India and abroad. A self-taught artist, having more than twenty years of experience, her primary focus is on nature, depictions Telangana Village life, men and women, animals and birds in graceful form.Her abstracts express the splendour and moods of the human form in a distinct way. She depicts her impressions of nature colours, acrylic, water colours and mixed media.She has been awarded for her work by the Hyderabad Art Society in 2008 and 2014 and has received several other recognitions. She has also participated at several art camps, workshops and has presented her work in solo as well as group shows. Ameela lives and works in Hyderabad.

Kranti Pravallika is a writer, artist and a PhD in Management from the University of Hyderabad. Her art work revolves around the modern females psyche with motherhood and exploration of the feminine being dominant themes. She has participated in a few Group shows and is presently working on expanding her portfolio. Pen and Ink is the medium of choice in her work.